All equipment requires a deposit of  €25.00 at the time of check-in   

NO FIX = NO PAY !      

Diagnostics, parts replacement, hardware and software issues fees starts at  €45.00 euros. If your laptop or equipment is used, out of warranty, has been serviced before, is visibly broken (has endure brute force impact), has been opened or has been tampered prior to service, then there are NO GUARANTEES. Spare parts are the client's responsibility to acquire. Repairs are done fast in a timely manner; however, there is no time limit if clients requests us to acquire affordable parts on their behalf. The repair is completed as soon as the supplier delivers the parts and components.

We accept cash and bank transfers. You can pay on-site with your mobile banking app as well. Initial online chat consultation via Whatssup or Facebook chat is free of charge.

(Warning: Solicitation is not appreciated ! Spammers are instantly banned)   


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