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Professional IT Repair Support

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Black Sands is a global online solutions enterprise which specializes in web development projects, e-Business solutions, online marketing solutions (SEO & SEM), IT maintenance and support, Business Intelligence (BI) software solutions, and digital media. Our solutions are designed with high quality standards focusing on cost-effective functionality, innovative design and certified protocols that ensure higher ICT security standards for our clients.

Our prime focus is the development of online businesses, IT services, and e-Commerce by using ICT systems infrastructure, innovative web architecture design and robust software. IT repair, maintenance and support is provided 24 / 7 as a localized service.  

See our Flash interactive version of IT SYSTEMS CO on your PC or laptop HERE.


Website Design Pro Solutions

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  • Website architecture design & development

    Flawless site architecture development. Custom web solutions enables optimal SEO advantage and maximum exposure. Robust functionality, security & artistic design are our 3core focus.

  • e - Business and Corporate online strategy

    Advanced business models, corporate marketing & sales web strategies. Business Intelligence (BI) applications. Online business development & e - Commerce management.

  • SEO,  Social Media, e - Marketing & Site Optimization

    Web analytics: Google Adwords-Adsense-keyword, etc. Applied SEO & SEM tools. Stakeholder management and social media maximum exposure. e-Marketing plan / strategy.

  • Graphic design , Virtual Products & Apps

    Digital and interactive catalogs, virtual presentations, sales galleries, pitch videos, photo galleries, logo creation and custom banners. Artistic design. Internet of things.

Latest designs

  • Billares Billares

    Billares de El Salvador is a well established pool table design and manufacturer in Latin America. They have great expertise and an extensive client portfolio history. Their services have recently extended to wooden craftmanship for a variety of industries, companies and clients.

    For the past decade their business has experienced exponential growth.

    You can view the Flash version of their design in your PC or laptop HERE.

  • Mayan Sacrifice Mayan Sacrifice

    The 'Mayan Sacrifice' product line has a unique perspective philosophy for its clients: a reminder for humanity to reject fanatism, ignorance, cruelty and war.

    The forecasted date 21.12.2012 is just a reminder of our own mortality.  

    You can view the Flash version of Jay's gallery in your PC or laptop HERE.

    You can also view the Flash version of Sonia's gallery in your PC or laptop HERE.


    SEGASAL is a company specialized in legal and customs services. They provide consulting services for import and export operations. We took care of their intro and logo design. The same design was used for their business cards.

    The interactive intro provides a quick reference to the company's services, partners, and main business.

    You can view the Flash version of their design in your PC or laptop HERE.


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